Unveiling Untold Narratives

Posted on 
June 2, 2023
12:24 pm

MOJA | blog #01

Gustafson's Unbiased Journey Through History

In history, the accounts of the marginalized and oppressed often remain obscured, overshadowed by prevailing agendas and political motivations.

However, there are individuals like Carl Gustafson, who approach the past with a commitment to truth-seeking rather than personal gain. Gustafson’s engagement with the MOJA project not only illuminates the significance of unadulterated storytelling but also sheds light on the power of music in capturing the essence of human experience. By delving into the untold narratives of those affected by slavery, Gustafson challenges the limitations imposed by traditional historical accounts and seeks to uncover the multifaceted nature of this dark chapter in our shared history.

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