Natalie Litza

Posted on 
February 10, 2022
9:12 pm

Natalie Litza –– also known as Natalie Cadét –– has been singing since she was just four years old. The oldest of six girls, Litza and her musically-inclined siblings were well-known in the 1990s as the Cadét Sisters, an a cappella Christian group. They performed all over the country in concert halls, churches, and on several Christian TV and radio stations.

After discovering her passion early as a child, she was eager to pursue a career in music. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Vocal Performance and Pedagogy from Oakwood University, then her master’s degree in Contemporary Improvisation from New England Conservatory. This technical education combined with her innate musical talent has enabled Litza to blossom as a powerhouse songwriter, artist, and composer. Her angelic voice spans over three octaves, though she is a natural soprano. You can hear her impressive vocal dexterity in the five to six-part background harmonies on most of her songs.

Litza has been a pivotal member of the Moja team. She is the creative composer behind most of the soundtrack, lending her expertise in storytelling through music. Her specialty is transforming emotional concepts and original ideas into beautiful arrangements, many of which make up the musical chapters in The Moja Saga.

In 2016, Litza released her debut album “My Journey,” engineered by Tony Shepperd –– another key player in the production of The Moja Saga. The album showcases her musical storytelling through the lens of her own life, taking her listeners on an introspective journey from emotional challenges to inner peace and acceptance.

The album also features collaborations with Raul Ferrando and his innovative orchestral arrangements, legendary vocal bassist Alvin Chea, the one and only Reggie Hamilton on bass and renowned flutist Katisse Buckingham. Natalie Litza’s “My Journey” is now available on iTunes!

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