Mike Hurwitz

Posted on 
February 28, 2022
3:28 pm

Michael Hurwitz is a Wyoming based singer- songwriter with a style that falls somewhere between the delta blues and western cowboy swing. With high plains ranching roots going back four generations, Mike started cowboy in’ at an early age.. Long days in the saddle, haying, branding calves and fixing fence taught him the value of hard work, good horses and friends, and a love for the land and its history.

When he picked up the guitar at 13, Michael learned the old cowboy songs his Dad sang, and the southern country blues from his Mississippi Mother, incorporating them and other styles into the musical gumbo he calls Prairie Blues.

Mike has rambled the country, playing his music , for over three decades. He’s picked with the famous and the unknown, in the spotlight and in the moonlight, worked as a cowboy, broncobuster, dude-wrangler, hunting guide, carpenter, and surveyor, written a saddlebag full of great songs, and released several critically acclaimed albums of country blues and cowboy music. His performances are a compelling mix of stories and humor from a life well spent, combined with outstanding musicianship and song-writing, and a warm relaxed singing style.

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