Howard McCrary

Posted on 
February 28, 2022
2:43 pm

Howard McCrary –– father of actors Donovan McCrary and Darius McCrary, who voices Sitano in the Moja saga, and the brother of Linda McCrary –– is a Grammy-nominated jazz and Gospel musician, singer, producer, and songwriter. As a vocalist and composer, McCrary has worked with musical legends like Quincy Jones, Bette Midler, Ringo Star, and Chaka Khan, whose sister he married.

Howard’s musical career began early as the front member of The McCrary Five, touring all across the country in the 70s. He eventually became friends with Michael Jackson and sang on two of his albums. In 1987, he received the The Duke Ellington Award for Most Promising Gospel Writer.

McCrary is also an actor, appearing on an episode of the The Perry Como Show and as a guest star in the TV series Amen, and Martin. His worlds collided in 2004 when he arranged music for the blockbuster film “The Ladykillers” starring Tom Hanks.

After moving to Hong Kong in 2005, McCrary composed and performed a Green Peace classical concert for China. By 2013, he held a debut concert “Peace and All That Jazz” with a full orchestra at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

We’re thrilled and thankful to have McCrary and his positive energy as part of this project, continuing his dedication to spreading messages of goodwill, love, and compassion through his music.

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