MOJA: A Music Saga

Posted on 
June 3, 2021
8:40 pm

In the beginning of creation was sound. Ancient Africans represented it through the music of drums. 

MOJA: A Music Saga is the epic story of an African family’s genealogy, starting with Moja and ending with her great-great-great grandson, the famous modern-day rapper, Sitano Ellis. The Ellis family has suffered through formidable pain since Moja was enslaved when she was only 19 years old. 

But, what the Ellis family has in hardship they make up for in talent, musicality, courage and strength. Moja, her son Billi, his daughter Tattie, her son Innis, his daughter Tanya, and her son, Sitano all use music to overcome the grueling obstacles in their lives. Music was the outlet for their torment. Innis Ellis eventually tells Sitano he is to teach his young daughter, Sabbath, to do the same.

This eight-volume music saga discusses the gruesome business of slavery, and how it led to the African-influenced music we have today all around the world.

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