The Music

MOJA: A Music Saga is a truly inspiring musical journey. The project unites 500 talented musicians from all corners of the globe, illuminating the ways in which music has transformed and evolved throughout many diverse cultures over the last two centuries. The beauty of this endeavor is how it highlights the powerful way that music brings people together regardless of their background, uniting us in shared experiences of joy, sorrow, hope, and love.

Musical Storytelling

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Project Integrity

The sounds of MOJA are designed to capture the true ambiance of our amazing journey through music. The Moja Saga is explicitly authentic. We obtained regional accuracy for our entire series following the cadence of where our story traveled. 

Our People

MOJA: A Music Saga is made up of  “The 500” with more than five hundred musicians and contributors from all over the world


Featuring Djembefola, Executive Producer, Musician, Composer & West African Folklore Specialist, Weedie Braimah sharing his thoughts on the music from MOJA.

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The Senegal Session ft. Weedie & Magatte

"Our story reminds us of the power of music to connect cultures and generations, showcasing the unbreakable bonds that transcend time and space."

Our Locations

Anytime the saga references a particular place, the accompanying music was actually recorded in that place.

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