No Agenda

Posted on 
May 24, 2021
2:32 pm

Gustafson approached the MOJA project not as an activist, but as a journalist — without an agenda to take away from the authenticity and emotion he found in the answer to his question. He listened to stories from all kinds of people, not only those with stories that fit into a particular group’s beliefs or goals. 

Agenda is almost always the explanation for the revision of history, with certain nations and their leaders changing the facts to reflect the way they want it to have been.

The stories of the enslaved are all different, but our history classes often stereotype it for the sake of time, simplicity, and agenda. There are many different forms, eras, types, and levels of slavery, most of which are not found in the history books. This is thanks to the political agendas of government leaders, who did not want to reveal the true extent of the history and business of slavery. 

With no agenda to fulfill and no desire to revise history to his benefit, Gustafson focuses on the human experience that many historical documents have left out, and the music that came about because of it.

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