Did you know...?

Did you know...?

In this series we will share interesting, fun and insightful information that will guide you through each of the 8 MOJA volumes

“History that is so powerful it informs your future!”

Volume 1


FACT 1 | Our story begins in Los Angeles, when Sitano Ellis, Hip Hop Superstar, is confronted by his long-lost grandfather who abandoned him when he was just a young boy.

Sitano Ellis is played by Darius McCrary

Billy Branch

as Innes Ellis

Innes Ellis

FACT 2 | Sitano’s grandfather, Innes Ellis, begins to tell the story of his great-great-great grandmother, Moja, and her life growing up during the 1800s in Africa, including her experience of being sold into slavery.


Creator Carl Gustafson's

Red Carpet interview

FACT 3 | Moja Muziki, the matriarch of the Ellis family, was born in 1834 East Africa. She was captured and brought to America as a slave in 1853.

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