Our Musical Story

Storytelling with music is how the Moja Saga is delivered. Our commitment to capture the essence of African American music, how it happened, where it occurred and the path this multigenerational story traveled.

We begin our story in modern-day Los Angeles on stage with Sitano, a famous rapper. He finishes his show and is headed backstage just like every other night, completely unaware that his estranged grandfather has finally found him after two and a half decades in hiding. Sitano initially resists this reunion, but changes his mind after hearing the first song his grandfather shares with him is about his mother, Moja. They continue to discuss their family’s history rooted in slavery, war and chain gangs, leading to escape, adventure, freedom and triumph.


Beginning in the 1800’s and continuing to present day, The Moja Saga follows one family over seven generations, introducing each character at their utmost vulnerable.


The Moja Saga was created with a focus on historical accuracy and the raw human emotions that lie behind these events. Although our characters are fictional, their stories are based on the true experiences of enslaved African people throughout history.

The author

The author spoke to professional historians to tribespeople, guides and current-day slaves — yes, they exist. He approached the project not as an activist, but as a journalist, with no agenda to take away from the authenticity and emotion he found in the answers to his questions.


The Music

The heart and soul of the MOJA project can be heard in the music. Using the power of storytelling and over 500 contributors, we delve into Africa’s influence on American music.

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